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What are SaintCards?

SaintCards are a fun interactive set of cards that can be used as a teaching tool for all ages. Each card is loaded with facts about the Saints!  The more you play, the more you learn about your family in Heaven!  Combine them to make Five amazing games...and that's just the start!

Each SaintCard is designed to Teach:

1) The Name of the Saint
2) When the Saint Lived
3) What the Saint did for the Kingdom of God
4) When the Saint is celebrated in the Church's Liturgy
5) The Role of the Saint in Church History
6) The Saint's Patronage

dozens of Games in the 104 card starter pack!

Kids (and Adults) who play SaintCards can answer the following questions:

1) When did St. Thomas Aquinas live?
2) Which saints live at the same time as St. Katharine Drexel?
3) Was St. Isaac Jogues a martyr?
4) Who can pray for my earache?
5) When did St. Scholastica Live?
6) Who was a pastor at the time of St. Sebastian?
7) Who was a layperson in the 13th Century?
8) Which Saints are Doctors of the Church?

How do I get a pack of SaintCards?

We are launching our Kickstarter Campaign in April of 2018.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be the first to hear about it.  Limited Offerings are available for the first 400 backers!

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